8.4VDC 1A Lithium Ion Battery Charger


BMC2S1: For charging 2s Lithium Ion Batteries with Constant Current Constant Voltage with LED indication.

The Bare Metal Comp SMPS based, Light weight, Wall mounted, high efficiency, low cost Automatic
Battery Charger is suitable for charging Lithium Ion Batteries Packs(3.7V cells connected in series &

● Constant Current Constant Voltage charging is the recommended way of charging Lithium Ion cells, otherwise life of a cell gets reduced dramatically.
● Automatic cutoff when battery is fully charged.
● Output short circuit protection with auto restart.
● Overload & Over Temperature protection.
● LED Indicators for charging status.
● Suitable to charge Batteries from to 5Ah to 20Ah. Reverse Polarity Protection: Against wrong
connection of plus and minus battery terminals.

Input Voltage Range :- 170 – 260 VAC



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