Powering Critical Industries Efficiently

Top-quality batteries for Defence and Drone Industries. Innovate with reliability.

Core Product Offerings

Explore our range of top-quality batteries and cells tailored for Defense and Drone industries.


Specialized batteries catered to meet the power needs of the Defence sector with top-notch reliability and performance.


Cutting-edge power solutions for drones, ensuring high performance and long-lasting battery life for uninterrupted flights.

Custom Solutions

Tailored power solutions designed to meet specific requirements, ensuring efficiency and reliability in critical applications.

Our Story

With over a decade of industry experience, Bare Metal Comp has established itself as a leading provider of top-quality batteries and cells for the Defence and Drone Industries.

Our Unique Value Proposition

We combine innovation, quality, and reliability to deliver top-notch power solutions that set the industry standard.

Reliability First

We prioritize reliability through rigorous research and development to deliver power solutions that meet the highest standards.

Innovation Driven

Our dedicated engineers drive innovation to provide cutting-edge power solutions that lead the industry in performance and efficiency.

Join the Power Revolution

Experience superior power solutions for Defence and Drone Industries. Contact us now to elevate your operations.

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